INIS MIS – Management Information System

MIS (Management Information System)

INIS MIS database isintegrating all the information coming from other subsystems and generating management reports. The main purpose of INIS MIS is data processing and submission in the form economic reports, graphs and formation of business intelligence.


  • Generates database of economic indicators for making management decisions at all levels of management;
  • Represents the information in a clear, predetermined form;
  • Generates unified reports to provide every user the simplest information retrieval;
  • Based on data from the previous period, the trend suggests conducting activities in the future period.


  • Integration with INIS and INIS SCADA systems is the best way of  information reporting for all levels of management.
  • Integration with Virtual office (online service) enables monitor personnel work and customer requests.
Primer MIS izveštaja za AERS

MIS Example report for AERS

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