Time is the only resource that cannot be compensated!
Therefore, the effective time management is very important factor in achieving business success
We are pleased to present and offer TO-NET’s time and attendance system TO-NET ERViKO.TO- NET ERViKO system consists of:

  1. Terminal (Time attendance and Access control device)
  2. Server–computer – for database and software installation,
  3. The database which stores all relevant data (employees, time of arrival and departure, working time, calendar, pictures, etc.)
  4. ERViKO Server software that retrieves data from the device and stores it in a database,
  5. ERViKO Web client software which contains reporting, control, and other features required by the management,
  6. Optionally – IP cameras which capture the snapshots of employee in moment of check in and store them to database.
  7. Optionally – lock control that opens the door only to authorized employees.
  8. Optionally – module for sending SMS and e-mail (about arrivals, departures, delays, etc.).
  9. Optionally – module for terminal locations visualization (map view) and monitoring terminals status.


ERViKO_Shema 800

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