INIS – Infrastructure Information System


Word that is widely used today and has broad meaning and use. In this material under term infrastructure we mean tehnical systems and network of resources. Examples of infrastructure are natural gas and heat pipelines, electric grids, telecomunication systems, roads, railroads, waterways, sewers and water supply systems.


INIS SCADA – System for monitoring, remote metering, alarm processing and visualization.
INIS SCADA controls technological processes in various industries:
Distribution of gas, water, heat, Electric power systems, Telecommunication systems, Agriculture, …

It is the link between technological systems and bussines layer – INIS (Infrastructure Information System).


Time is the only resource that cannot be compensated!
Therefore, the effective time management is very important factor in achieving business success
We are pleased to present and offer TO-NET’s time and attendance system TO-NET ERViKO.

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TO-NET «Virtual Desk» (online help service) system provides self catering citizens and companies, making possible to transfer information, documents and services from the comfort of apartment or office. So, it is easier, faster and cheaper communication is carried of citizens, companies and public authorities.

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Dušan Spasojević, Customer Service Manager Balkan

Atlas Copco, Beograd, Srbija